Thursday, January 21, 2010

From the BIG APPLE

Well, I am sitting here in a small coffee shop, (Legal Grounds) ---> not staryucks, awaiting AG Silver's big show tonight. We're parked in a RV lot about 10 minutes out of the big city via the PATH trains. The band members are having lunch with some important people so Dave and I are just chillin until we need to drive REV and the trailor into the city. haha-- that will be interesting.


  1. Let the Adventure begin! :)
    I'm excited to see where it takes you...

  2. 2 more days - I can't hardly believe it's here!! I'm so glad you set this up for everyone - it will be fun to see your journey in print!!
    We're planning on Goog's tomorrow night at 8:00 - great idea T & B!
    Hey Ky . . . why don't you start packing today?!?!?!? You might need a thing or 2 over there!!