Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Galway Climbing

Galway was such a blast! I would love to make it back there again before I leave. The city is a bit smaller than Dublin, and feels much more like home. There are tons of small little mom and pop shops (and pubs). We got into Galway Friday night, found our hostel, and joined the other climbers at the host school's on-campus pub. The rugby match between England and Ireland was on (it's a pretty big deal), so we watched that and everyone was getting really into it. When you get a room full of climbers, things start getting climbed, in this case it was the bottom of tables. Hahah, it was crazy. All day Saturday we climbed in the competition. It was set up in 15 walls. Each wall had two routes, A and B. If you climbed A you got 20, 19 or 18 points, depending on the number of tries. If you climbed B, you got 10, 9 or 8. The only difference was that the B routes had some additional holds thrown in. I started out doing pretty good, mostly 20's and 19's. Once the afternoon came I started burning out and in the end I was struggling to even finish the B routes in 3 tries. I guess climbing 3 times in the past 2 months doesn't help much. However, I did end up being the best climber from my school, DCU. On Sunday we spent the day in town, finding cozy places to catch the Celtic vs. Rangers game, and then Aston Villa vs. Manchester United. Very relaxing. We caught the bus home at 6, and got back to campus somewhere around 9:30. Tomorrow is my first day of interning; I have to go in really early, 10:00.


  1. Wait, the Celtics played the Rangers? Not sure how that works with 2 different sports but whatev, that's cool...
    Way to dominate the wall, dude! Now you got a goal and a score to beat for next time. You're gonna be a climbin' machine! :)
    Here's a little piece of home update for ya: On Sunday night we got mom and dad to try and like - maybe love - homemade sushi! It was amazing! Dad couldn't get over how much he loved it.
    Love ya bro! miss ya a lot, keep the great stories of Ireland comin' our way!!

  2. congratulations on the competition kylen! maybe you should come to jordan and climb some real rocks in wadi rum... just a thought. ;)