Saturday, February 6, 2010

Classes are coming...

So heres the thing, I show up at DCU and 3 months ago I gave them a list of 8 classes I could get credit towards at Hope. I found out yesterday that I am not even registered at DCU, let alone any of these classes. The people from the study abroad program were working on it they said that it shouldnt be a problem and that I am in some classes that I wanted. And now theyre telling me to just do the drop-add forms until i switch into all the classes that I wanted. Things have been a bit stressful. I found out I might be able to get an internship at a local non-profit organization, which is really just like doing charity work if you think about it. They go around to different high schools encouraging kids to become Young Social Innovators (YSI). So I meet with them at the beginning of this next week and see what that consists of. I will try to keep you all posted with these trivial matters.
On the brighter side, we did into the city center today to watch Ireland play Italy in rugby, and we won, of course. We found this big pub that had dozens of huge tvs and projectors everywhere you looked. This place was full of people dressed up and yelling and singing and cheering... everything you would ever imagine it to be. Very fun times. As always, love you all,

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  1. Hi Ky! Classes start tomorrow right? What a crazy ordeal! I hope you get at least some of your classes you wanted. Either way, I bet you're anxious to get going aren't you? Is everyone on campus now? Thanks for keeping us posted - we're anxious to hear about the internship and your classes. Love ~ mom