Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Okay, so after trying to figure out the limitations on uploading that DCU has, I have found the Picassa works to upload photos. So I have changed the link on the right-hand side of your screen to take you to my picassa pictures. more will be coming shortly, I have to upload them all one at a time, so it becomes a bit tedious after a while. I hope you enjoy them!


  1. Sweet pics dude! Your camera takes some nice lookin' shots! One request... can you get a picture of a leprechaun? Also, what kind of Irish foods have you tried so far?

  2. Great pictures Ky!! That looks like a beautiful park ~ is it in Dublin? What a funky looking bridge . . .are there more like that around or is that one special for some reason? I love being able to see you pictures ~ and to see what you're seeing - thanks for doing that for us! Check your email - (This isn't your dad it's your mom!!)

  3. Ky - it is now Saturday, and this post was posted on Wednesday. You need to pick up the pace man! What's the latest and greatset?! You have an audience awaiting your every post.