Thursday, February 11, 2010

End of the first week of classes

( I had no idea you could part that much hair!!!)
Classes for the week are over. I do not have class on Friday, hopefully that will be a day of interning. We will hear more about tomorrow at 1. The other classes this week have all been fairly straight forward. Turns out two of my classes have no final exam at all, and the grade is based 100% on in-class evaluations. So some classes are all exams, other classes are no exams, really nothing in the middle. Isaac Sprik, my buddy from home, and I are hoping to go to a hurling match on Saturday with some free tickets from an intern at GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association). Then on Sunday we are thinking of heading into the Dublin mountains for a bit, hopefully back by Monday. This weekend will be full of good times. And its looking like we will go to Liverpool next weekend and partake in the festivities of a home match against Blackburn!

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