Friday, February 12, 2010

My Goodness, My GUINNESS!!!!

This evening we took a last minute trip to the GUINNESS FACTORY . This place is huge, complete mecca for anyone who have ever even seen, tasted, smelled, or felt a Guinness. 6 floors to tour, topped off with a 360 degree view of the entire city on the highest floor, which also serves as the bar where you savor the freshest Guinness imaginable. Our group made it to the factory about an hour and a half before it closed, so we had to rush through a few parts. As you climb up the 6 floors, each level serves as a different experience in the story of Guinness. There was a history floor, telling the story of Sir Arthur and his 9000 year loan on St. James Gate. a floor dedicated to the brewing process, another floor to the distribution of Guinness. One floor was all the advertisements every created by the company (SOOOO MUCH FUN). Another floor described the global impact of Guinness, including the famous book of records. This place just kept going and going. Finally we made it to the top just in time to drink our Guinness as the sun was setting directly over the main part of the city. I strongly encourage everyone to make it to this place at least once, even you don't like the beer. The style of this tour was such a blast, interactive and informative, yet never boring... Take a look at some of the pictures if you please.


  1. Fun pictures!! I'm guessing your 2 brothers will be drooling as they view them. Looks like a VERY cool place!

  2. I'M SO JEALOUS!!!!! I will do what i can to make that trip happen sometime in my life. :)